CACIB exhibition, Székesfehérvár
2011. június 01. szerda, 00:00

   CACIB exhibition   
On 29 May 2011 we participated in the CACIB exhibition organized in Székesfehérvár.
Both of our dogs were qualified as excellent. Alma came out second in the junior category
and Sofi obtained the third place in work category for bitches.
We congratulate the winners of each category!


Labrador Retriever Speciality Show, Tata
2011. május 15. vasárnap, 00:00

   Labrador Retriever Speciality Show   
Judge: Mr. Sergio Scarpellini - Dukeland kennel (I)
We participated in this year's special exhibition with our dogs, in Tata in a beautiful environment..
Alma got the distinguished fourth position in young category, which field was very good and strong.
Sofi got the distinguished third place in work category. We were very happy with the results.
The children were the highlights of the day: they were very professional in leading up the dogs
and made the audience smile during the competition of young conductors.


CAC exhibition, Orosháza
2011. május 03. kedd, 00:00

    Orosháza CAC   
Judge: Sinisa Pavlovic (SRB)
On 1 May we participated in the CAC exhibition that took place in Orosháza.
Unfortunately, the weather was not very favourable, we had pouring rain all day but we were determined to wait for the reviews to begin..
We entered both dogs for the competition: Sofi in work category, Alma in junior category. We were delighted to learn that Sofi won the first prize in her category.
Alma took the distinguished second place in the junior category with a thorough and nice censure.
We were very happy with the results and we would like to congratulate all the participants.
Salem's Lot kennel
Family excursion
2011. április 30. szombat, 00:00

Family excursion

We made a nice family excursion to Szilvásvárad this weekend. We were very lucky with the weather, went for long walks,
tried the little railway which was a bit strange for the doggies at first but they got used to it quickly.
We entered Alma for the competitions and she was qualified as very good both days,
with a rather rigorous and contradictory review.
Alma is 1 year old
2011. március 03. csütörtök, 00:00

Happy birthday Alma!


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