Planned litter
2011. szeptember 13. kedd, 00:00

Planned litter
  By the beginning of November 2011 we expect the birth of yellow coloured puppies from the following parents in our lot.
Both of the parents have been through the health scans prescribed for their breed and they have the required dog show results.
Of course, we hand over the dogs to their future owners with breeding certificates, chips and breeder contracts. As a present each puppy will have a retriever pup pack as well.
We are also delighted to welcome future owners who can provide appropriate conditions for the dogs and who would like to have a lovely purebred labrador of stable nervous system.
The dogs can be taken home mid/end December. We are delighted to answer questions concerning the lot.
If you are interested in what we offer, please contact us.
Krisztina Láposi
+36 20 914 6197
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Hungarian Champion Gyöngyös Szépe Labi Sofi   Multi Champion Dario-Suedo De L'Etang Balancet
Hódmezővásárhely National Dog Show Cacib
2011. szeptember 12. hétfő, 00:00

   National Dog Show Cacib   
Judge: András Korózs (H)
We were really looking forward to this dog show since this was the last chance for Sofi to complete the Hungaria Champion title. We were very happy to learn that Sofi came out first in her category, thus she fulfilled the conditions of obtaining the HCH title. This time Alma participated in the pup category where she obtained the Res.Cac title. Finally, we were very excited about the results of the Best in Show since we entered our daugther, Eper and Sofi in the child-dog competition.
The children were lovely and it was nice to observe the harmony between the dogs and the children.
Eper and Sofi came out third in this competition. At the end of the day we were very happy with the results.


Holiday - Split
2011. augusztus 03. szerda, 00:00

Holiday Split
  Last week we were on holiday and of course we shared this adventure with our dogs, too. We spent 10 days in Croatia, of which 5 days in Split. We thought that we would enjoy our holiday and profit from it at the same time, so we entered Alma in the 4 day Summer Night Show.

On the first day Alma obtained nj. qualification from a Hungarian judge, on the other days she was qualified as kit.2. and kit.3.

I was proud of myself, since I was the only Hungarian with a labrador representing our country. The exhibition was held in a beautiful landscape, only the weather could have been a little nicer. From Split we went to Novalja island where we enjoyed a perfect holiday.

The whole family enjoyed the holidays, including the dogs. We took lots of pictures and updated our photos.
Have a look at them!

Salem 's Lot.....



Bánhalma working trial
2011. július 11. hétfő, 00:00

   Bánhalma working trial   
On 9 July 2011 with Alma we participated in the breed review, behaviour test and working trial
organized by the Hungarian Labrador Retriever Club.
We ventured to take the test in the oppressive heat (38 degrees).
We reaped the harvest of our persevering work and Alma successfully passed the breed review,
behaviour test and working trial at 16 months of age.

Galydos Péter
Kocsmár Gyula
Dr.Szilágyi Judit

We would like to congratulate to all the participants who took part in this test!


Hound Dog CAC, Kaposvár
2011. június 25. szombat, 00:00

   Vadászkutya CAC   
Judge: Vilmos Kardos
This weekend at the CAC exhibition in Kaposvár Alma won the first prize in junior category and
obtained HPJ-Hungaria Prima Junior title and became Best Junior, too.
We were very happy with the result and special thanks to
János Bukor (Treasure of Pelso kennel) for helping conduct Alma.


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