II. Lot meeting
2012. október 13. szombat, 00:00

II. Lot meeting

On 13 October 2012 we came together with our small team to spend a nice day in Királyrét. We were lucky with the weather, it was nice and sunny so we tried to make the best of it. The children were boosting with energy climbing up the hills.
We had lots of fun, it was a nice day for everyone. Thank you for this fantasting excursion.
It was nice to see our cubs and their families. Looking forward to the next meeting....

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Summer Holidays, Croatia
2012. szeptember 28. péntek, 00:00

   Summer Holidays, Croatia   

This year we spent our holidays in Croatia again - this time with our 3 dogs.
Just like last year we took part in two dog shows with Alma (Sinj-Knin Cac). Alma was entered in the work category where she was awarded the Hr-Cac title twice.
We were very happy with the results and we are happy that the dog shows abroad brought us success again. We spent the rest of our holidays on Novalja Island, a place that we like and where we spend our holidays for years now. Everyone had great fun, the dogs were swimming with us. You can visit our photo gallery and take a look at the photos!
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Cacib, Szabadka
2012. június 03. vasárnap, 00:00

   Cacib, Szabadka / Subotica   

The dog show was held in a beautiful environment, on the premises of the Kelabia stud. Alma was entered in work category where she obtained extinguished Cac 1st place and the Res Cacib title.
We were very happy with the results and we spent a fantastic day in Serbia.

One week later we took part in another Cacib dog show that was held in Ada.
Alma obtained good results, such as Cac and Res.Cacib and with these results she fulfilled the requirements of acquiring the Serbian Championship!! We were over the moon with the results and absolutely satisfied with our results achieved abroad.
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Work test
2012. május 10. csütörtök, 00:00

Work test

On 14 April Alma passed a work test organized by MLRK with a performance of 83%.
    We were very happy with the results since only 3 dogs out of 8 passed.
    Alma performed very well in dragging, reed marking and water fetching. She obtained the maximum score in all three fields. Congratulations to all those who passed and to those who tried their best.



National Dog Show 2X Cacib-Open Show, Temesvár
2012. május 05. szombat, 00:00

   National Dog Show 2X Cacib-Open Show, Temesvár   

5 May Saturday Judge: Zefarino Da Silva  (P)
On the first day Alma took part in work category where she obtained an excellent 1st place and won Cac,Cacib and Bob titles.
Sofi also obtained a Cac title in champion category .
6 May: Open Show Judge: Pierluigi Buratti ( IT )
Our dogs participated in the same class as previously. Sofi obtained  Cac and Cacib titles while Alma won a Cac title again. With these results both of them obtained the Romanian champion title!!!
We were very happy with the great results and were happy with the girls! At the dog show 14 labradors took part in the competition on both days, which is quite similar to the average number of dogs participating in a Hungarian dog show.
The dog show was very well organized and the assessment took place on the right time. It was a pleasure to take part in the Best In Show since it really had a show feeling, there was great applause and whistling from the audience, everyone was happy with our success.
We were very happy to come home with such good results.



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