Photo shooting for Dió
2016. március 15. kedd, 00:00

              Photo shooting for Dió           

We received beautiful pictures from the owners of Dió ( Salem's Lot TNT )!
We're very happy that the big boy has such wonderful owners. Happy owners, a happy dog and happy breeders! Thank you for the photos to Nóri, Laci and the studio where these fantastic photos were taken!
Salem's Lot
Dió fotózás 1
Dió fotózás  Dió fotozás
Dió fotózás


MLRE-Labrador Speciality Show-Tata
2016. március 14. hétfő, 00:00

alt    MLRE-Labrador Speciality Show-Tata    alt

MLRE- Labrador Speciality Show- Tata

We took part in This year’s first speciality Show with Panka and Zoé.
The judge, Mrs. Gunilla, came from all the way from Sweden to be able to be with us on this very day.
She is the Owner of Attikonok.
For me it was a great appreciation to be able to introduce my dogs to her since She is one of the greatest role model for me in dog breeding.
Her opinion matters a lot.

Panka, unfortunately, was not in good shape, she became false pregnant. Her look changed but apart from that I am very proud of the results the two of my dogs received, we were given nice and fair judgements.

Thank you very much for Abronits Zsuzsi for the leading up and for Mácsik Niki for having brought Zoe.
I am so very proud of them.

The Results:

Salem’s lot Perfect Harmony (Zoé)
puppy, Very Promising 2nd Place

Salem’s Lot Tomorrow’s Dreams (Panka)
Train Excellent 3rd Place
Salem's Lot
Zoé Speciality Swow Tata Zoé Speciality Show Tata Zoé Speciality Show Tata
Panka Speciality Show Tata Panka&Zoé Speciality Show Tata Panka Speciality Show Tata


FeHoVa Winter Dog Show 2016
2016. február 22. hétfő, 00:00

alt    FeHoVa Winter Dog Show 2016    alt


Salem's Lot Perfect Harmony (Zoé)
(Mallorn's Skyfall-Salem's Lot Tomorrow's Dreams)

1st Day:Puppy class Very promissing 2. Getting a very good judgment!
Judge:Kiss Zoltán (Midnight Sun kennel)
2nd day: Puppy class Very Promissing 1. Best baby-Suggested to Bis!
Judge:Dr.Váczi Balogh Zsuzsanna
Zoé FeHoVa Zoé FeHoVa Zoé FeHoVa


Puppy news 2016
2016. február 01. hétfő, 00:00

alt    Puppy news 2016    alt


We're expecting puppies at the end of April from the following combination.
Parents have health clearences specified for the breed, breeding permission and show and work results.
You can find more information about the sire under the following link:

Puppies can go to their new owners at 8 weeks old. They will be microchipped, vaccinated and will have pedigree, puppy package and a sales contract. We're taking reservations in a limited number. We're waiting for only serious owners who what it means to bring up a puppy.

Salem's Lot
Alma-Boss alom 


Bag-Pheasant hunting
2015. október 23. péntek, 00:00

alt              Bag - Pheasant hunting               alt

Beautiful weather, great company, smart dogs. This is how I can describe the two days pheasant hunting season in Bag.

On the first day Panka was with me while on the second day, even Sofi joined us as well, therefore I could work with both my dogs at the same time.
I am so very pleased with my bitches' efforts, they both did a great job during these days, their hunting results are excellent, I am very proud of them.

Salem's Lot
a csapat egy része gyülekező Pankus
 Szofi alt a zsákmány :)


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