A newcomer joined our kennel
2015. június 08. hétfő, 22:00

    A newcomer joined our kennel!   

Temptation was great and we could not resist this nice labrador girl
so we decided to keep her. Salem's Lot Rosa Belle (Bella) was born in
Sofi's last lot. She is the youngest member of our kennel and our aim
is to achieve that her performance is at least the same or better than
her parents' and sister, Panka's. In case if Bella comes up to our
expectations and if her health tests are good, we would like to
involve her in our breeding plans.

Salem's Lot
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Tiszafüred - National Dog Show
2015. június 07. vasárnap, 22:00

alt    Tiszafüred - National Dog Show    alt

Panka participated at a dog show for the last time this year and
achieved great results. This time she took part in the champion class
where she got the Exc.1.Cac title, thus she completed the requirements
for Hungaria Show Champion. We are very proud of her.
Judge: Dr.Váczi Balogh Zsuzsanna

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Speciality Labrador Show Hungary-Tata
2015. június 07. vasárnap, 21:00

alt   Speciality Labrador Show Hungary-Tata    alt

Salem's Lot Tomorrow's Dreams (Panka)
Working class: Exc.2.Res Cac
Judge: Barbara Krumpak-Tylah(Slo)  

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Cac Kula-Serbia
2015. június 04. csütörtök, 09:00

    Cac Kula-Serbia    

On 6 May we were in Serbia with Panka.
Results: Champion division, kit.1.Cac
Judge:Sinisa Sancanin

With this result Panka fulfilled all the conditions to obtain the
Serbian Grande Championship!!!
We are very proud of her.

Salem's Lot  

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Working examination
2015. június 04. csütörtök, 08:00

   alt Working examination alt

April 25, 2015: Salem's Lot Tomorrow's Dreams (Panka) successfully
completed the retriever working examination of the Hungarian Labrador
Retriever Association (MLRE), by achieving 100/72 points. We are very
proud of Panka's achievement as she performed the excercises
Salem' s Lot




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