Bag-Pheasant hunting
2015. október 23. péntek, 00:00

alt              Bag - Pheasant hunting               alt

Beautiful weather, great company, smart dogs. This is how I can describe the two days pheasant hunting season in Bag.

On the first day Panka was with me while on the second day, even Sofi joined us as well, therefore I could work with both my dogs at the same time.
I am so very pleased with my bitches' efforts, they both did a great job during these days, their hunting results are excellent, I am very proud of them.

Salem's Lot
a csapat egy része gyülekező Pankus
 Szofi alt a zsákmány :)


Puppy news!
2015. július 21. kedd, 10:00

alt    Puppy news!    alt


On 21 July 2015 the puppies of Panka and Sky were born.
There are seven female and two male pups in the lot, everyone is fine, Panka is a great mother.
We are very proud of them!

Salem's Lot

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Summer holidays - Croatia
2015. július 08. szerda, 00:00

    Summer holidays - Croatia   

This year we returned to one of our favourite places, Novalja island
where we spent nice summer holidays with the family and the dogs of
course. We had fantastic weather, spent the whole day out at the sea
and evening strolls in the town together with the doggies were
naturally part of our daily routine.
Everyone enjoyed playing in the water with the dogs. You can find
further holiday photos in the photo gallery under holidays.

Salem's Lot
Novalja Vízesés
 Apa-Bella Fókik
 Jegesmaci /Almo/ Soso halászik


Ultrasound testing, day 33
2015. június 22. hétfő, 00:00

    Ultrasound testing, day 33   

Today we saw 9 little hearts beating fast at the ultrasound testing!
Panka and the little ones are doing well.
We are very excited about mid July when they are expected to be born!
We are waiting for applications from future responsible owners.

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Lot meeting session 14 June 2015
2015. június 21. vasárnap, 00:00

    Lot meeting session 14 June 2015   

We held the first lot meeting session of this year, this time with the participation of the five month old  "R" and  "F" lot's puppies. We spent a very nice day, almost like a family together, at a hunters' house in Mogyoród. We cooked in a cauldron, talked and gave all sorts of useful advice for dog owners.
I think I am very lucky to have succeeded in finding such responsible owners for the pups.
A big thank you for this fantastic day!

Salem's Lot  

Csoportkép dagonyászás Bodza és Családja


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