Club Show Halászi, 2016
2016. november 23. szerda, 18:09

Club Show Halászi, 2016


We attended this year's club show in Halászi with our girls, Bella and Panka.
The venue was really beautiful and the dogs were judged by a well
respected judge from the UK.
I'm highly satisfied with our dogs' results, they did a great job
especially in the hot weather. Both girls got beautiful critics in
strong competition.




Salem's Lot Rosa Belle
Junior Class: Excellent 2 (from 7 dogs)


Salem's Lot Tomorrow's Dreams
Champion Class: Excellent 3 (from 5 dogs)


Judge: Mrs. Lynda Heron, Brigburn kennel (GB)



Club Show Halászi Bella Club Show Halászi Bella2


Club Show Halászi Panka Club Show Halászi Panka2







Subotica Cacib, 2016
2016. november 23. szerda, 18:07

Subotica Cacib, 2016


We attended the International Dog Show in Subotica this year as well.
This was Bella's very first dog show. She did really well and I'm very
proud of her. The show took place at a beautiful place and we had a
great time.


Salem's Lot Rosa Belle
Intermediate Class: Excellent 1, CAC
Judge: Igor Vyguzov (RUS)


Subotica Cacib Subotica Cacib2







Summer holidays
2016. november 23. szerda, 17:51

Summer holidays

This year we spent a very nice week with our dogs on the island of Novalja again.
Our "otters" enjoyed the sea very much, it was nice to swim with them again.



nov1 nova2


nova3 nova4








Puppy news!
2016. május 17. kedd, 00:00

alvo labi    Puppy news!    alvo labi


Proudly presenting that On 16. of April 2016 puppies were born into our Kennel.
Parents are Boss Sarracenia the father and Nort Pole Star Biscuit ( Alma )
is the wonderful mother. She gave birth 10 beautiful little babies
we have 5 girls and 5 boys arrived. All the babies and Alma are
fine and healthy. I'am so very very happy.

Salem's Lot
160517 1  160517 2
160517 3  160517 4


Alma-Ultrasound testing, day 33
2016. március 18. péntek, 00:00

    Alma-Ultrasound testing, day 33   

We are happy to announce that babies are being expected
by the mind of April. We are proud of our beautiful and great labrador
Alma, who is patiently coping with these days of having babies
under her heart. Currantly we cannot confirm the numbers of
the baby boys and girls, being expected.As soon as we learn more
about that we will let you know. Keep following the news on our site.
alt alt alt


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