President Cup Cacib 2017.01.08
2017. január 08. vasárnap, 16:04



 North Pole Star Biscuit (Alma)

Working class :Exc.1.Cac
Thank you the judge Cristian Stefanescu (Ro)
She's completed Hungarian Show Champion.
She finished the Show career with this title.




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Happy New Year
2017. január 05. csütörtök, 19:47





Mksz Derby Show - Budapest 2016
2016. november 23. szerda, 19:16


Mksz Derby Show - Budapest 2016



Salem's Lot Rosa Belle ( Bella )
Intermediate kl.Exc.1.Cac,Bob,Derby Winner 2016
Judge:Német Zsolt


Salem's Lot


derby11 derby22







Retriever and Waterdog Special Cac 08.10.2016-Komárom
2016. november 23. szerda, 18:19


Retriever and Waterdog Special Cac 08.10.2016-Komárom


Judge:Siv Sando ( N ) Eyecatching kennel


This year's special show we were represented a lot of dogs in our
kennel. The atmosphere was very good, a lot of foreign exhibitors has
come, since the judge really big authority on the breeding. I'm happy
with my dogs starring with nice results.




Salem's Lot Masterpiece (Ali)
Minor puppy class winner!
Salem's Lot Magic Fairytale (Pepsi)
(Boss -Alma)
Minor puppy class
Salem's Lot Morning Star
Minor puppy class 2nd place
Salem's Lot Paper Boy( Bosco)
Junior class Very Good
Salem's Lot Rosa Belle ( Bella )
Working class
Salem's Lot Tomorrow's Dreams ( Panka )
Champion class
Gyöngyös Szépe Labi Sofi
Veterán class Winner,Cac!


Best in Show program :


Junior Handling,Eper-Sofi
Minor Puppy BIS.Salem's Lot Masterpiece
Salem's Lot kennel won Breeding Groupe


Thank you the judge:Siv Sando


kom1 kom2


kom3 kom4


kom5 kom6








Szolnok, Tiszavirág CAC, 01.10.2016
2016. november 23. szerda, 18:15


Szolnok, Tiszavirág CAC, 01.10.2016


We entered 4 own bred dogs for the national dog show in Szolnok,
including 2 puppies from our Alma & Boss litter. They did very well
and we are really proud of them.




Salem's Lot Magic Fairytale (Pepsi)
Minor puppy class: Very promising 1st place
Owners: Móni Scharek


Salem's Lot Maverick
Minor puppy class: 1st place and Maverick completed his Hungaria Minor
Puppy Winner title with this result!
Owner: Ramóna Gágyor


Salem's Lot Rosa Belle
Working class: Exc. 1, CAC


Salem's Lot Tomorrow's Dreams
Champion class: Exc. 1, CAC


Judge: Dr. Csaba Zsolt Lokodi (Ro)


We are very proud of our dogs' results!



szolnok1 szolnok2








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