International Dog Show -Agárd 2017 06.11
2017. június 12. hétfő, 09:22


Today our Bella gained CAC, CACIB and BOS on international dog show in Agárd (HU) .

She has fulfilled Hungarian Show & Hungarian Champion title with this result.

Thank you the judgement
Marta Sipos (Srb)



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Training day in Cserkeszőlő
2017. június 12. hétfő, 09:08


We spent a fantastic day at the preparatory training organized by MRVE.

The atmosphere and the organization were excellent!

We took part as helpers but our daughter Eper handled Bella in the ability test exercises.

We are very proud of her, she was very clever with Bella!

Congratulations to everyone on their hard work, who took part at the training.



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Puppy News!
2017. május 29. hétfő, 16:42


We are happy to announce that our puppies from Panka & Rio were born on May 23!

We have 2 yellow girls, 2 yellow boys, 4 black girls and 1 black boy.

All puppies and mum are doing great.

We're taking reservations for the puppies.

Please contact us if you are interested.



alvás evés
panka rio alom törpék






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New member!
2017. május 29. hétfő, 16:18


Vizslafotozas RM2A9439 5


The youngest member of our kennel, Pimpa has arrived from Russia.


Rusmairas Baston (Pimpa)

Sire: Rusmairas Bonapart
Dam: Rusmairas Yarta
Breeder: Rusmairas Kennel

I'm very happy and thank you for your trust, Maya!


Vizslafotozas RM2A9414 Vizslafotozas RM2A9444




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Puppy News
2017. május 08. hétfő, 13:16

We're expecting yellow and black puppies to our kennel in the end of May.

Rio information:

E-mail: Ezt a címet a spamrobotok ellen védjük. Engedélyezze a Javascript használatát, hogy megtekinthesse. , tel.:06209146197



rio panka







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