Cacib, Subotica 2018.05.27.
2018. május 28. hétfő, 17:52


The show at Szabadka has become traditional for us.

Beautiful environment and high quality show.
We nominated Bella alone, since she had some results yet to be completed.

She awarded the first place at Champion class, kit. 1. CAC, later on that day,

she won both the award for Cacib and Bob.
It made me feel very happy since with winning all these awards and getting such great results,

Salem’s lot Rosa Belle, (Bella), has achived the Serbian Grand Champion and Inter Champion status.
Going forward, in the breeding round number 8 she got the prestigious third place, BOG 3.
I was extremely happy and proud of her.


subotica bis bella
bella subotica bella kupa






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