MRVE Club Show Szilvásvárad 2018.05.19
2018. május 28. hétfő, 17:34


In this year we again attended in the association of our club dog show.
(Association of Hungarian Retriever and Water Dog)
The show took place in a beautiful area with great atmosphere and fantastic mood.
This time we nominated four of our dogs to this very important and unique event.
The judge: the highly appreciated and greatly respected Mrs.Christine Baillis ( GB ) from the Tissalian kennel.
I was very excited to introduce my dogs to her.
In 2018 her breed male dog won the first place in the World’s greatest dog show, the Crufts, therefore it was such a great honor to be able to meet her and to show our dogs to her.
We received great results, I am so very proud of all my puppies.


Our dogs results:
Salem's Lot Broken Arrow ( Nico )
Puppy o. Very Promising 1.,Best Puppy,Puppy Best in Show 3.
Salem's Lot Crazy Professor ( Charlie ) Junior class Excellent 2. place, this is awesome in this strong class!
Salem's Lot Brooklyn ( Luna ) Puppy o. Very Promising 3.
Salem's Lot Rosa Belle ( great ) working class exc.2.Res Cac



mrve Nico rosetta Nico mrve






Salem's Lot




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