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Our story

Our kennel is situated in the 16th district of Budapest. Those who wisited us, must have seen that it is like living in the countryside. We are very lucky that we have such nice surroundings and we have all the conditions required for dog breeding, this we can fullfill all demands. There are huge meadows, fields, forests and brooks in front of our house ,creating a nice surroundings with lots of impulse for the dogs.

We bought our first Labrador, Sofi in 2008. She won our heart right at the first sight and we got to like her for her kind nature,too. Since we are responsible dog owners we did our best to keep her properly and to ensure all the conditions needed for such a dog. She changed our whole life. We started to participate at exhibitions and we considered that obtained a succesful breeding inspection and working certificate. With Sofi we achieved better and better results at exhibitions who became the Champion of two countries by the time she grew up. This was the time when the idea came to our mind to deal with breeding more seriously. During the summer of 2010 we bought our second dog Alma. This choice was a more concious one on our side. For me, she is" the island of tranquility." She is a real show Labrador who enjoys going to exhibitions very much and archieved the best result ever with her, of which I am very proud until this day! Alma obtained the 4th place among 16 work category female dogs at the 2013 WDS, she is the owner of countless CAC and CACIB titles and the Champion of 3 countries as well.

In 2010 we founded Salem's Lot Labrador Retriever Kennel. Right after the celebration of Sofi's third birthday we decided to find a male Labrador for her. After a lengthy procedure of finding her mate we managed to find the real "Male", Dario Sudeo de L' Etang Balancet ( Aston ), a french boar. On 3 November 2011 the puppies of our first lot were born. The names of all these puppies began with "T". Altogether 10 beautiful yellow puppies were born in this lot. We could not resist the temptation and held one of them, Panka who is a very special dog, too. We were very sucessfull with her right from the start, she was awarded the Inter Champion title at just three years of age which is a great performance. For me, she represents the breed! She is a great working dog and a wonderful friend.

Our dogs live with us as full right family members, they have never been kept in kennels, they live with us in our house. We live together, spend our holidays together, the world is round together! Us, the children and our dogs. Sofi is already our retired mummy. After her 3rd lot we decided to put an end to her reproduction abilities. I just cannot tell how happy I am to have her! Without her we would not have fallen in love with this marvellous breed.
Krisztina Láposi